Barista Tools

Electric Coffee Kettle 600 ml
AED 450.00
Electric Coffee Kettle 600 ml An electric kettle is one of those appliances that can seem unnecessary and even a little extravagant until you actually use one and ask yourself...
Porta Filter Gift Set
AED 260.00
Porta Filter Gift Set This gift box consists of a bottomless portafilter with 1 cup filter basket and a backflush disc. Code: VK1908005
Stainless Coffee Canister 1200 ml
AED 70.00
Stainless Steel Coffee Canister 1200 ml Stainless steel containers to preserve and store tea, coffee, sugar and more.
Coffee Tamper
AED 75.00
Eurocoffee Coffee Tamper Tamp your coffee perfectly with our specially designed professional coffee tamper. Its stainless-steel base and aluminium handle, that fits comfortably in your hand, allow firm and even...
Digital Timer Chrome
AED 53.00
Eurocoffee Digital Timer Chrome With large LCD screen, the numbers on the kitchen timer are very easily read. Digits are visible not only when held at an acute angle, but...
Stainless Milk Jug Rose Gold
600 ml
AED 75.00
Stainless Steel Milk Jug Rose Gold Finish (600 ml) Code: VK1803082
TIAMO Mini Gas Burner for Syphon
AED 150.00
TIAMO Mini Gas Burner for Syphon New improved design with ceramic flame head provides more efficient burning. Provides a controllable heat source for the siphon, greatly increasing brewing accuracy. Lightweight...
Stainless Milk Jug 350 ml
350 ml
AED 65.00
Stainless Steel Milk Jug 350 ml Froth milk in this Stainless-Steel Milk Jug Pitcher and perfect your barista craft. S/S304, capacity:350ml Body thickness:1.0mm Finishing: Outer polishing, inner brushed. Code: VK1803077...
Stainless Steel Milk Jug 600ml
600 ml
AED 75.00
EUROCOFFEE Stainless Steel Milk Steaming Pitcher Jug 600ml Set your creativity loose with our high-quality steaming pitcher. With its specially designed spout and tapered sides, it allows baristas perfect control while pouring...
Grinder Cleaning Brush
AED 20.00
Keep your coffee grinder in perfect shape and properly cleaned with our coffee grinder cleaning brush. Its firm but soft bristles will clean every nook and cranny of your machine,...
Group Head Cleaning Brush
AED 15.00
Keep your espresso machine in perfect shape and properly cleaned with our cleaning brush. Its firm but soft bristles will clean every nook and cranny of your machine, leaving no...
Shot Glass
AED 25.00
EUROCOFFEE Shot Glass The “one shot” shot glass has a 1.5 ounce / 0.045 Litre volume. Incremental markings at 0.5 ounce / .015 Litre increments. Perfect for measuring your espresso...
Beverage Thermometer
AED 95.00
EUROCOFFEE Beverage Thermometer Our Eurocoffee beverage thermometers have been designed with an easy read face and long stem probe. Provided with a protective sleeve and steaming pitcher clip for ease of...
Stainless Coffee Leveler / Distributor
AED 90.00
Stainless Steel Coffee Leveler / Distributor Adjustable Depth Design: Adjustable Depth Design: Set your distribution depth to suit different doses or baskets, it can ensure the consistent tamping pressure every...
Cleaning Cloth with Hook
AED 20.00
An essential tool for the professional, home, or work-place Barista - Black Microfibre cloth is ideal for keeping your filter-holder, coffee baskets, coffee tamper, and work area clean and clear....
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