Lavazza Beans Ground and Instant Coffee

Lavazza Kafa Forest Beans
500 grams pack
AED 95.00
KAFA is one of the world’s finest coffees THE FINE SINGLE-ORIGIN COFFEE FROM ETHIOPIA KAFA takes its name from a small region where coffee production per hectare is very low...
Super Crema
1 kg pack
AED 128.00
Super Crema Honey and dried fruit Honey and dried fruit That’s Lavazza Super Crema A blend of coffees with a velvety cream and persistent aroma. Aromas of honey and almonds...
Crema e Aroma
1 kg pack
AED 115.00
Crema e Aroma Dried fruit and precious woods Dried fruit and precious woods That’s Lavazza Crema e Aroma A blend with a consistent crema and a strong and decisive character,...
Lavazza Tierra
1 kg pack
AED 135.00
    ¡TIERRA! 100% Arabica Selection With a fine balance of floral and fruity notes A premium selection of 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America, expertly crafted to...
Espresso Decaffeinato
500 grams pack
AED 65.00
Espresso Decaffeinato Flavour and lightness Mild with a strong character That’s Lavazza Espresso Decaffeinato 100% Arabica blend of exquisite Brazilian coffees. A full-bodied blend with velvety crema. The special brewing...
Lavazza Grand Hotel 100% Arabica
1 kg pack
AED 76.00
Grand Hotel Filter 100% Arabica Roasted cereal and caramel Dried fruit and precious woods That's Lavazza Grand Hotel Filter 100% Arabica A well balanced selection of 100% Arabica coffees for...
Filtro Classico
1 kg pack
AED 90.00
A carefully crafted blend created by the sweet union of bold Central and South American Arabicas and the intense, spiced fragrances of African varietis.
Lavazza Prontissimo Classico
300 g
AED 60.00
ProntissimoClassico Enjoy all the flavor and intensity of Lavazza an instant! Prontissimo! Classico A medium-roasted smooth and balanced 100% Arabica blend, with delicate notes of caramel
Lavazza Tierra! Colombia
1 kg pack
AED 135.00
   Lavazza Tierra! Colombia A superior blend, with a refined taste Aromatic harmony and a smooth taste are exalted by the typical sweetness, with a refined acidity and rich body....
Lavazza Alteco Beans
1 Kg pack
AED 135.00
Lavazza Alteco Organic Beans
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