Eurocoffee Premium Powdered Milk
Bag of 1 Kg
AED 100
Cappuccino Topping (Milk Powder) Premium Quality Topping Ingredients: Skimmed Milk powder Glucose syrup Hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut) Stabiliser E 340 Milk proteins anti-caking agent E 341 emulsifier E 471 E...
Ceramic Coffee Maker Set
Ceramic Coffee Maker Set Ceramic V60 coffee dripper set for you to enjoy filtered coffee directly into a pour-over brewing jug. Material: Ceramic Color: black/white available Cup size: 1-2cup Kettle:...
Cleaning Cloth with Hook
AED 20
An essential tool for the professional, home, or work-place Barista - Black Microfibre cloth is ideal for keeping your filter-holder, coffee baskets, coffee tamper, and work area clean and clear....
Stainless Steel Milk Jug
1 Litre
AED 33
Eurocoffee Stainless Steel Milk / Steaming Pitcher Jug 1000ml Set your creativity loose with our high-quality steaming pitcher. With its specially designed spout and tapered sides, it allows baristas perfect control...
Cold Brew Tower/ Two Server Decanter 30cups
AED 4,200
TIAMO Cold Brew Tower/ Two Server Decanter 30cups   It looks like complicated lab equipment, this ice drip brewer is fairly easy to use. It features durable wood panels with...
Ceramic Coffee Filter
AED 50
Ceramic Coffee Filter Ceramic V60 coffee dripper filter for you to enjoy a really smooth and high-quality coffee flavor of full immersion brewing. Material: Ceramic Size:10*10*8cm Color: White Code: CCM111...
Blind Filter Insert Rubber
AED 15
Rubber blind Filter  - 50mm for any domestic or commercial coffee machines. Use-The backwash tray must be used with the coffee machine. Easy to Clean-The backwash plate is made of...
Adjustable Coffee Drip Stand
AED 193
Adjustable Coffee Drip Stand Adjustable drip stand for your V60 to result in a smoother coffee flavor than ever. Material: copper+walnut wood size: L220*W159*270mm hole size:75mm Gold Color Code: LM4003  
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