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Lavazza Firma Espresso Aromatico Coffee Capsules (4Boxes of 48 capsules)
Box of 100 capsules
AED 380.00
Lavazza Firma Espresso Aromatico Coffee Capsules Extremely aromatic and full-body blend. The dark roasting enhances the decisive character of this blend and gives it a persistent and fragrant taste, with...
Al Gebal Online Payment Request
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Fracino Romano (Limited Edition)
AED 15,999.00
Romano 3 Group 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, hotels with a daily output of 100 – 150 cups Ingredients Used: Lavazza Coffee Beans Features: Top quality copper...
Boeing Aerospace Payment
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Online Payment Request Boeing Aerospace Middle East Ltd
Aisha Balance Payment
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  Payment of Balance as per Svetlana Garus' request 11/7/2018
Lavazza Mini Vending Stand
AED 1,200.00
Lavazza Branded Mini Vending Stand Dimensions: Width: 48cm Height: 85cm Depth: 46.5cm
LujoClean Cleaning Powder (1kg)
AED 90.00
LujoClean Cleaning Powder for Coffee Machines Many people don´t realize how coffee residue can negatively affect the taste of your coffee.  lujoCLEAN cleaning powder for coffee machines is a safe and highly...
LujoClean Cleaning Tabs (100 tabs)
AED 75.00
LujoClean Cleaning Tabs (100 tablets) The lujoCLEAN cleaning tablets are specially formulated to completely remove coffee residue and odors from fully automatic coffee and espresso machines.Our quality control department insures that our...
LujoClean Milk Frother Cleaner (1000ml)
AED 70.00
LujoClean Milk Frother Cleaner (1000ml) Highly concentrated special detergent with strong cleaning effect for coffee machines, milk frother devices and cream dispensers.
Apco Payment
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Fracino LB Bambino 1-Group (BAM1)
AED 6,500.00
Fracino Bambino 1-Group 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Ingredients Used: Lavazza Blue capsules Features: Case, waste and cup tray are all made from stainless steel Easy clean steam tubes Electronically controlled Four...
NADIA CARMEN (Kristita's Client) Online Payment
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1) LB2600 x 1pc = AED 2,000   2) Lavazza Blue capsules x 5 boxes = AED 975   3) Milk powder x 1 packet  = AED 75   4)...
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