Office Coffee Machines by Lavazza

LB 2317 (Fresh Milk) Professional/Office Coffee Machine
AED 5,800.00
LB 2317 (Fresh Milk) Lavazza’s latest innovation. Designed to intensify the experience in every single detail: elegant, professional, technologic, versatile and per formant. Ideal for offices, restaurants, breakfast area, meeting conference...
LB MINI VENDING Office Coffee Machine (3051)
AED 4,750.00
LB MINI VENDING OFFICE COFFEE MACHINE Mini-vending, thanks to its particularly compact size and segment-first features, is the best-in-class solution for small and medium-sized locations that wish to offer a...
Lavazza LB 2600 Magystra Office Coffee Machine
AED 3,999.00
Lavazza LB 2600 Magystra Office Coffee Machine LB2600 Magystra is the new Lavazza Blue one touch machine ideal for small to medium offices, clinics, workshops, exhibition stands & kiosks with daily...
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