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AZKOYEN Zen 6 Automatic Vending Machine with Base


AZKOYEN Zen 6 Automatic Vending Machine with Base

Upgrade your vending game with the AZKOYEN Zen Vending Machine. This state-of-the-art vending machine is designed to provide a seamless and convenient experience for both operators and customers. With its modern and sleek design, the AZKOYEN Zen is a perfect fit for any location, from offices to schools to hotels. Its advanced technology and user-friendly interface allow for easy customization of product offerings and pricing, providing flexibility for your business needs. The AZKOYEN Zen offers a wide range of products, from snacks to beverages to personal care items, making it a versatile solution for any vending operation. Experience the future of vending with the AZKOYEN Zen Vending Machine and provide your customers with a cutting-edge and convenient vending experience. Explore its features and benefits today!

Table top espresso coffee machine with a wide variety of soluble products and an optimized hopper configuration to achieve greater autonomy that can take advantage of the productivity of the Customizer functions.

Up to 3 times more autonomy: win more points  of sale and optimize routes. Autonomy is a key factor in the profitability of a vending service business. The equipment has been designed to provide real autonomy equivalent to the number of cups by optimizing coffee, milk and chocolate capacity. This autonomy allows the reduction of operational costs in maintenance and product refilling per machine.

• Save up to 33% of costs in each operations route.


    Capacity Configuration

    1. Coffee bean hoppers: 1
    2. Soluble canisters: 5
    3. Single: 1
    4. Double: 0
    5. Asymmetric: 4
    6. Cups: 320

    Product capacity

    1. Coffee beans: 1,9 Kg
    2. Soluble coffee: 0,4 Kg
    3. Soluble milk: 1,6 Kg
    4. Chocolate: 2,2 Kg
    5. Soluble tea: 1 Kg
    6. Sugar: 2,6 Kg

    Brewing system

    1. Type: Espresso
    2. Capacity: 8 gr.
    3. Name of the Group: Espresso Azk V10
    4. Number of mixers: 2/3


    1. Name of the grinder: VPTT Vending Performance
    2. Number of grinders: 1


    1. Type: Pressure
    2. Capacity volume: 315 cc

    Dimensions and weights

    1. Height: 740 mm
    2. Width: 480 mm
    3. Depth: 590 mm
    4. Weight: 65-70 kg
    5. Base unit:
    6. Height: 842 mm
    7. Width: 480 mm
    8. Depth: 590 mm


    1. Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
    2. Maximum Power: 1800W

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