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Cafelat Corner Mat
AED 68.00
It is an innovative and simple solution for baristas that have limited space to work in or those that like to tamp the coffee with the edge of the portafilter on...
Cafelat Jug
AED 135.00
Lavazza Blue Ribbon Collection Stainless Steel Size: 0.6 liters
Cafelat Knock Box
AED 131.00
Cafelat Knockbox Large Tubbi helps barista to solve the messy problem of removing used grinds from your espresso machines’s filter basket
Cleaning powder
AED 84.00
Wega cleaning powder can be used for backflushing espresso machines, soaking.
Cardamom Tea
1 Kg
AED 105.00
Tea with milk
Chocolate Powder
1 Kg
AED 105.00
Lavazza Premium chocolate powder for your hot chocolate beverages.
Cappuccino Topping (Milk Powder)
750 g
AED 79.00
Cappuccino Topping (Milk Powder) Premium Quality Topping Ingredients: Skimmed Milk powder Glucose syrup Hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut) Stabiliser E 340 Milk proteins anti-caking agent E 341 emulsifier E 471 E...
Instant Tea Lemon Powder
1 Kg
AED 105.00
Lemon powder for your tea selections.It can be used in vending machines.
Dualit Barista Kit
AED 158.00
Jug, thermometer and shaker
Digital Timer
AED 53.00
The Digital Timer accurately measures the time taken to make the perfect espresso and get the best extraction from your coffee beans.
EuroCoffee Tamper
AED 158.00
58 ml tamper. Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion and is a heavier metal.
Knock Out Drawers
AED 525.00
Counter Top & Under Counter Knock Out DrawerHigh grade polished stainless steel knock out drawers for the used coffee grounds, designed for the coffee grinder to stand on.
Lavazza Sugar Holder Big
AED 37.00
The big sugar holder out of the Blue Collection from Lavaza is kept plain white with the blue Lavazza inscription. Specifications: Length: 20cm Depth: 9.8cm Height: 5.4cm Material: plastic Colour:...
Lavazza Brown Sugar Tubes
Box of 600 pieces
AED 47.00
Lavazza blue ribbon brown sugar sticks. 600 pieces in a box.
Lavazza White Sugar Tubes
Box of 600 pieces
AED 37.00
Lavazza Blue ribbon white sugar sticks. (Box of 600 pieces)
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