Lavazza Mint Espresso

Lavazza Mint Espresso

Ever since the 19th century, popular amongst hotels, restaurants and cafés.

Cinnamon Ginger Coffee
Cinnamon Ginger Coffee

In this speciality, the fragrant chilled mint blends perfectly with the bitter hot espresso. A final dusting of bitter cocoa powder gives the finishing touch to this work of art.

Lavazza Mint Espresso


Brew an espresso in a cappuccino cup.Add 60ml of the Mint Milk Cream. Lightly dust with bitter cocoa powder.

Preparation of Mint Milk Cream (serves 2):

Pour the cold whole milk into a large bowl.Add the double cream, milk and mint syrup.Whip with an electric whisk to obtain a soft fluffy mixture.

We recommend preparing this recipe with espresso coffee.


INGREDIENTS ( for 1 serving )

  • 1 Espresso
  • 20 ml (0.7fl oz) milk
  • 70 ml (2.5fl oz) double cream
  • 30 ml (1.1fl oz) mint syrup
  • Cocoa Powder