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Electric Coffee Kettle 600 ml

AED 302

Electric Coffee Kettle 600 ml

An electric kettle is one of those appliances that can seem unnecessary and even a little extravagant until you actually use one and ask yourself how you ever went without. This model has variable temperature controls that make it easy to fine-tune the water temperature for specific drinks (cooler for green tea, boiling for black tea, and somewhere in between for coffee).

1).Capacity: 600ml 

2).Voltage:220-240V,50/60Hz Heating power: 1000W 

3).#304 Stainless steel body

4).STRIX Controller

5).BS Plug

6).Automatic Switching Off

7).Dry Boil Protection

8).Concealed Heating Element

9).360 degree rotatable heating base

10).Temperature error: ±3℃(depending on the different atmosphere of different regions) 

11).Range of Hold Temperature: 40℃- 98℃ 

12).Storage temperature:-10℃ to 55℃ 

13).Use temperature: -10℃ to 60℃