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FRACINO Little Gem 1 Group Espresso Machine

AED 7,240

FRACINO Little Gem 1 Group Espresso Machine

With its contemporary and compact design, the electronic Little Gem 1 Group espresso machine is reliable, durable, and ideal for small space businesses like offices, hairdressing salons, boutiques, pubs, bars and homes as well.

Code: 06807EQPWBNFRA

  • Thermosyphonic heat exchangers within the boiler ensure that each group is kept constantly hot for perfect and consistent coffee extraction.
  • Can make two drinks and steam milk simultaneously.
  • Height clearance: 110 mm.
  • Equipped with a hot water outlet and steam tubes for frothing and steaming milk.
  • Hand-built to the highest standards using only the finest stainless steel, copper, and brass.
  • With a built-in 4L water tank, this machine is extremely portable and great for events and kiosks.