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NECTA Karisma White Espresso Machine

AED 44,999.00

NECTA Karisma White

Character, unrivalled performance and excellent coffee

Designed for day to day coffee service in high quality hotels and especially for breakfast coffee, Karisma represents outstanding dispense speed and high productivity (up to 200 cups per hour). Karisma offers a wide customizable range of hot drinks based on authentic Italian espresso coffee beans and fresh milk, or soluble products such as chocolate. The super automatic Karisma is characterized by a contemporary and elegant Italian design, compact dimensions, stylish accessories and eye catching touch screen interface.

Quality in the cup

Cutting edge technology together with the heritage of Italian espresso, taste and culture: the best of coffee drinks using coffee beans, fresh milk, and soluble products.

Creation of a personally customized coffee menu, a taste feast which satisfies the most demanding palates.


Interactive, capacitive and latest generation 7'' touch screen.

Easy to use by staff or in self-service mode and flexible menu options: from 9 to 12 selection icons on each screenshot.


Dispensing up to 200 cups/hour, consistently perfect.

Offering a rapid and optimal service, especially at peak hours, ensuring a professional drink quality; equipped with an innovative, performing milk pump, it guarantees speed and reliability of doses.

  • up to 200 espresso per hour. Consistently perfect.
  • User Interface: Capacitive 7 Touch Screen
  • Number Selection: Up to 12 selections per screenshot
  • Number of Canisters: 3
  • Coffee Brewer: Espresso Z4000 with variable chamber (from 7 to 15 gr. capacity)
Height (mm) 750 (with beans hoppers)
Width (mm) 400
Depth (mm) 550
Depth Open (mm) 855
Weight (kg) 58
Power 1950w
Voltage 230 V(Single Phase 16A) / 400 V (3 Phases+neutral) 50/60 Hz

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