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Crema & Aroma Espresso Point

  • Quantity: Box of 100 capsules
AED 210


Crema&Aroma Gran Espresso

These capsules are only compatible with the EP2500 and Matinee machines. Enquire with us now to learn more.

Pleasant strong, intense flavour

Lavazza Espresso Dolce
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lavazza intenso origin

Pleasant strong, intense flavour

That’s Crema&Aroma Gran Espresso

Blend of the best Central and South American Arabicas (40%) and the finest African Robustas (60%).A strong blend with a sweet, long-lasting after-taste. The result is an espresso with a strong flavour, a very good body and an intense and persistent aftertaste. The special grinding degree makes it perfect for preparing a long espresso as well. More... »