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Listening Tea Set TPA800-02A

AED 217

Listening Tea Set TPA800-02A

The Listening Tea Set TPA800-02A from DHPO features a high-quality, high-temperature ceramic teapot, complemented by a 304 extra fine stainless steel tea infuser. This combination ensures that your tea will always taste fresh and delicious. The set is available in multiple colors including black, navy, Tiffany blue, and more, and includes a wooden lid and a nylon handle. The teapot has a capacity of 800ml (27 oz), making it perfect for a relaxing tea experience.


Name: Listening Tea Pot Set
Model: TPA800-01A
Color:  Gray
Material: Ceramic Mug and Pot + Wooden lid +Nylon handle + stainless steel infuser
Tea Pot Size: D131*H110MM (D5.2" X H4.3")
Tea Pot Capacity: 800ml (27 oz)
Mug Size: D70*H78 MM (D2.75" X H3")
Mug Capacity: 230ml (7.8 oz)