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Cold Brew Coffee Drip Tower 10 cups Acrylic
AED 1,256
Cold brew Burj Al Arab Design
AED 1,800
Cold brew Burj Khalifa Tower Design
AED 1,577
Cold Brew Tower/ Two Server Decanter 30cups
AED 4,200
3 Cup Coffee syphon w/ burner
AED 381
TIAMO Cold Brew Tower Four Server Decanter 60cups
AED 5,400
Tiamo Small Cold Drip - HG6329
AED 334
Wooden Collar Chemex (400ml)
Wooden Collar Chemex (400ml)
AED 57 AED 71
Aurora XS Pour Over Coffee Maker CPC550-02A
AED 217
Mini Cold Brew Coffee Maker CCB500-01A
AED 236
Duke French Press Coffee Maker CPA600-06A
AED 311
King Duke Glass French Press CPA800-06A
AED 311
Meteor Goose Neck Kettle CH05A (600ml)
AED 160
Lavazza Capsule Holder
AED 120
Cupffee - The cup you can eat with your coffee! 110 ml (Box of 200 pcs)
Box of 200 Cups
AED 525
La Reserva De Tierra Mug
AED 25
LAVAZZA Reserva De Tierra USA Cup
AED 40
Lavazza Americano Cups & Saucers
AED 30
Lavazza Paper Cups 7oz, (Box of 1000 cups)
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 141
LAVAZZA Paper Cups, 4oz (Box of 1000 cups)
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 99
Lavazza Paper Cups 8oz, (Box of 1000 cups)
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 237
LAVAZZA 12/16oz Lid White
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 162
Lavazza 8oz Lid (Box of 1000 lids)
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 143
Lavazza Espresso Glass
AED 20
Lavazza Latte Glasses (Box of 6 pcs)
AED 84