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Electric Coffee Kettle 600 ml
AED 450
Lavazza A Modo Mio MilkEasy Frother
AED 283
Porta Filter Gift Set
AED 260
Stainless Coffee Canister 1200 ml
AED 57
Coffee Tamper
AED 68
Digital Timer
AED 53
Stainless Milk Jug Rose Gold
600 ml
AED 75
TIAMO Mini Gas Burner for Syphon
AED 150
Stainless Milk Jug 350 ml
350 ml
Sold Out
Stainless Steel Milk Steaming Pitcher Jug 600ml
600 ml
AED 20
Grinder Cleaning Brush
AED 20
Group Head Cleaning Brush
AED 15
Shot Glass
AED 10
Beverage Thermometer
AED 16
Cleaning Cloth with Hook
AED 20
Cold brew Burj Khalifa Tower Design
AED 1,600
Cold Brew Tower/ Two Server Decanter 30cups
AED 4,200
TIAMO Cold Brew Tower Four Server Decanter 60cups
AED 5,400
Wooden Collar Chemex (400ml)
AED 42
Carmencita Black Moka Pot
AED 199
Glass french press (600ml)
AED 44
3 Cup Coffee syphon w/ burner
AED 450
Eurocoffee Glass Coffee Pot
AED 44
Ceramic Coffee Filter
AED 50
Glass Coffee Filter
AED 50
Plastic clever filter
AED 52
Brewed Coffee Server
AED 37
Ceramic Coffee Maker Set
Sold Out
Carmencita Classic Moka Pot
AED 99
Wooden Collar Chemex (600ml)
AED 52
La Reserva De Tierra Mug
AED 25
LAVAZZA Reserva De Tierra USA Cup
AED 40
Lavazza Americano Cups & Saucers
AED 30
Lavazza Paper Cups 7oz
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 93
LAVAZZA Paper Cups, 4oz
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 89
Lavazza Paper Cups 8oz
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 195
LAVAZZA 12/16oz Lid White
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 150
Lavazza 8oz Lid
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 125
Lavazza Espresso Glass
Sold Out
AED 20
Lavazza Latte Glasses (Box of 6 pcs)
AED 84
LAVAZZA Cappuccino Spoon Standard
Set of 12 pieces
AED 35
Lavazza Espresso Spoon Premium
Set of 12 pieces
AED 155