How can one savor Lavazza coffee at its best without the right tools? We have just what you need! Discover the accessory collection that tells stories of a 120-year-long passion.
Mugs, capsule holders, coffee cups and saucers, coffee spoons, and much more to add a touch of style to your home & offices and enhance your coffee experience.

Lavazza Paper Cups 7oz
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 93.00
Lavazza Paper Cups 7oz Disposable cups for coffee on-the go! Lavazza made these high-quality single-walled cups that are suitable for any kind of coffee and perfect for takeaway. Lid's sold separately.
Lavazza Paper Cups 8oz
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 195.00
Lavazza Paper Cups 8oz (1000 pcs)
Lavazza A Modo Mio MilkEasy Frother
AED 299.00
        Create your cappuccino Thanks to MilkEasy, you can prepare the authentic Italian cappuccino with a creamy and velvety foam at home, and not only that: with...
LAVAZZA Ceramic Espresso Cup & Saucer, Blue Classic
AED 20.00
LAVAZZA Ceramic Espresso Cup & Saucer, Blue Classic Get these elegant white espresso cups to elevate the coffee drinking experience with Lavazza. Code: 07021ACCLAV
Lavazza Latte Glasses (Box of 6 pcs)
AED 84.00
Lavazza branded glasses for latte and all kinds of coffee drinks. 1 Box of Lavazza Branded Latte Glass (6 glasses)
Paper Cups 12oz (Double Wall)
Box of 500 pcs
AED 250.00
Lavazza Branded Paper Cups 12oz (500 pcs)
LujoClean Milk Frother Cleaner
1 Litre
AED 70.00
LujoClean Milk Frother Cleaner (1000ml) Highly concentrated special detergent with strong cleaning effect for coffee machines, milk frother devices and cream dispensers. Code: 07178CHMLUJ
LujoClean Cleaning Powder
1 Kg
AED 90.00
EUROCOFFEE Cleaning Powder, 1kg Coffee machine cleaner with active oxygen for the basic cleaning and maintenance of automatic coffee and drink dispensers, espresso coffee machines.
Lavazza 8oz Lid
Box of 1000 pcs
AED 125.00
Lavazza Paper Cups Lids 8oz (1000 pcs)
Lavazza Espresso Glass
AED 3.75
Turn your experience into a treat not only for your taste buds but for your eyes too, thanks to the transparency that allows you to savour your espresso even before...
Lavazza Thermal Travel Mug
AED 75.00
LAVAZZA Thermal Travel Mug You can now take your favourite Lavazza coffee wherever you go in a beautiful travel mug designed for the sole of purpose of keeping your coffee...
Lavazza Capsule Holder
AED 120.00
LAVAZZA Capsule Holder The Capsule Holder has been designed to be suitable for the capsules. No more messy drawers or countertops. This countertop capsule holder makes an excellent choice for home...
Lavazza Americano Cups & Saucers
AED 30.00
LAVAZZA Americano Cups & Saucers Get these elegant white espresso cups to elevate the coffee drinking experience with Lavazza. Code: 07023ACCLAV
EUROCOFFEE Lujo Cleaning Tablets 2g
100 Tablets
AED 75.00
EUROCOFFEE Lujo Cleaning Tablets 2g-100 tablets The lujoCLEAN cleaning tablets are specially formulated to completely remove coffee residue and odors from fully automatic coffee and espresso machines.Our quality control department insures...
Paper Cups 12oz Lid (1000 pcs)
AED 150.00
Lavazza Branded Paper Cups Lid 12oz (1000 pcs)
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