Barista Training

Barista Training


Technical Expertise 

Our team of barista trainers have many years of experience in operations, training and coffee education, ranging from Q-graders to Specialty Coffee Association certifiers. We know coffee from seed to cup. 

Lavazza Certified 

We have our own Lavazza certified training centre and showroom with easy access on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

On-going Training 

We provide complete training programs to educate and engage your employees in every aspect of the coffee industry. From understanding origins to Latte art, all is covered.. 

Beverage Development 

We stock an extensive range of flavours and ingredients and provide menu and beverage development to help you build your coffee business. 

Quality Control 

Our team conduct regular site visits and quality reviews to ensure product quality is maintained and consistent standards are achieved. Ensuring all your customers are served a great coffee every time.


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