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We at EuroCoffee, strive to provide innovative solutions and build strong relationships with our clients by offering customized solutions based on their unique needs.
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Nayax Contactless Card Payment Device  
Innovative, contactless card reader and telemetry device.
The sleek, contactless card reader can fit on any small machine and gives your consumer a convenient cashless payment experience. While consumers complete transactions quickly, operators access a world of operational benefits and insights. The Onyx is more than a card reader: It’s a device packed with powerful capabilities including contactless, NFC, and QR payments, telemetry, marketing tools, and remote machine management.
Why Choose Us?
Since 2000, Eurocoffee has been providing beverage solutions in the UAE, which include Lavazza coffee, Toschi products, and equipment from leading brands like Necta, Fracino, Saeco, and Gaggia. With our offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we serve clients throughout the GCC and beyond, thanks to our global courier partnerships. We offer a comprehensive range of products that include coffee, vending machines, coffee machines, accessories, ingredients, and more.
Our passion for exceptional products and service makes us a leading beverage solutions provider. We support global brands and provide reliable expert advice for lasting client relationships.
Our experienced team brings decades of expertise in food service operations and supplies. We offer effective solutions with top brands' cutting-edge technologies and resources for top-notch service to our clients.
Complete Equipment Solutions
Partnered with top global brands, we offer trusted equipment from leading European manufacturers. Our professional service team provides preventative maintenance programs and flexible service contracts.
Ongoing Training Program
Our certified training covers coffee techniques, equipment, and service for exceptional coffee experiences. Choose onsite or Lavazza training for consistent high-quality coffee and excellent service.
Quality Control
We take a proactive approach to maintaining high product quality and consistent standards by conducting regular site visits and quality reviews. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your customers are always served exceptional coffee, and we work closely with you to identify any areas where improvements can be made. By monitoring quality on an ongoing basis, we are able to swiftly address any issues that arise and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
We offer a range of services aimed at helping businesses with their marketing materials and branding. This includes providing comprehensive marketing support, as well as aiding in the creation and implementation of a distinct brand identity.
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