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AZKOYEN Zensia 6 Espresso (M03 Grinder)

  • Description:

    The most perfect compact coffee machine ever made! With its small size and multifunctionality, it makes for the best vending machine for any space, office, or public space. It offers 9 beverage options to cater to all tastes.

    Features & Benefits:.

    - Water tank capacity: 3 L.

    - Capsule container: up to 240 capsules.

    - Canister for 800g of powdered milk

    - Height-adjustable for any type of cups

    - Capsule drawer capacity: 25-30 capsules

    - Size: 750 x 540 x 570 mm

    - Weight: 74 Kg
AED 26,366

AZKOYEN Zensia 6 Espresso (M03 Grinder)

Zensia 6 is not just another vending machine. Its Customixer functions make it an automatic barista vending machine. Zensia is capable of making drinks with different amounts of coffee, milk and sugar, adjusting each service to the customer’s taste.

This capacity to customise drinks, combined with the machine’s remarkable autonomy and its clean, attractive appearance, helps operators increase the profitability of their vending service.

A wide variety of soluble products with an optimized hopper configuration to achieve greater autonomy that can take advantage of the productivity of the Customixer functions


The attractive design of Zensia aims to grab the attention of potential consumers to increase the number of services per machine, particularly at public vending points.

The design is minimalist, ergonomic and intuitive and the machine is made from durable materials such as acrylic glass and cold-rolled sheet metal, and includes our exclusive back-lit touch keypad with screen effect.



  1. Catalogue of fronts
  2. Catalogue of decals
  3. Option of ordering customized items

Capacity Configuration

  1. Number of coffee beans canisters 0
  2. Number of soluble canisters 6
  3. Number of leaf tea canisters 0
  4. Number of 70mm cups 700
  5. Number of 73mm cups 700
  6. Number of 80mm cups 700

Interface and Connectivity

  1.  Out of Coffee detector
  2.  Blocked grinder detector
  3.  Electronic water temperature control
  4.  Electronic water level control
  5.  Optional cup detector
  • Soluble coffee 2,25 Kg
  • Soluble milk 4,4 Kg
  • Chocolate 4,6 Kg
  • Soluble tea 3,9 Kg
  • Sugar 5,3 Kg

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