Product Details

Cafe Ginseng Capsules with Free Bevanda Bianca Capsules

  • Quantity: Box of 24 capsules
AED 60

Compatible Machines: All Lavazza Firma models

Unique and Energizing Flavor

Experience the invigorating blend of Lavazza Firma Cafe Ginseng. This unique capsule combines the robust flavor of coffee with the revitalizing properties of ginseng, delivering an energetic and rejuvenating drink. Paired with a free box of Bevanda Bianca capsules, you can enjoy a sweet, creamy milk-based beverage, perfect for creating delicious drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

Key Features:
  • Energizing Flavor: Enjoy the distinctive taste of coffee enriched with the benefits of ginseng.
  • Premium Ingredients: Crafted from high-quality coffee and ginseng for a superior drink experience.
  • Free Bonus: Includes a free box of Bevanda Bianca capsules for a creamy, milk-based beverage.
  • Consistent Quality: Lavazza's expertise ensures exceptional taste and aroma in every capsule.