Product Details

Espresso Decaffeinato Capsule

  • Quantity: Box of 24 capsules
AED 60

Compatible Machines: All Lavazza Firma models

Smooth and Balanced Decaf Flavor

Enjoy the refined taste of Lavazza Firma Espresso Decaffeinato. This expertly crafted blend offers a persistent and balanced espresso with enhanced sweetness and fullness. The special extraction process brings out notes of milk chocolate and vanilla, delivering a slightly chocolatey aftertaste with a compact crema, all without the caffeine.

Key Features:
  • Smooth Flavor: Savor a balanced espresso with notes of milk chocolate and vanilla.
  • Decaffeinated: Enjoy the rich taste of espresso without the caffeine.
  • Medium Roast: Medium-length roasting cycles enhance the coffee’s fragrance and sweetness.
  • Consistent Quality: Lavazza's expertise ensures exceptional taste and aroma in every capsule.