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Gran Café Paulista Beans

  • Quantity: Bag of 1 Kg
AED 140

He's back to strike baristas at the heart. It's the Gran Café Paulista!

 Lavazza selects and blends the best Arabica beans from Brazil for a sweet espresso with a contemporary taste. A cup with notes of chocolate and dried fruit combined with a velvety crema. Gran Café Paulista contains, among its components, the “Cereja Apassita” which enriches the blend with hints of honey and raisins as well as giving it a naturally sweet in-cup profile. 

 Since 1961, the expert in Brazilian coffee from São Paulo selects the best Arabica coffee to create a unique blend. Today, he is back to bring a contemporary Italian coffee experience that will strike at the heart of all coffee lovers in an unconventional way.

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