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Caffe Crema Capsules

  • Quantity: Box of 100 capsules
AED 240

Compatible Machines: Classy Mini, Classy Custom Milk, LB 2600, Minivending, LB 2317, LB 4200

Smooth and Aromatic Flavor

Experience the sweet and velvety taste of Lavazza Blue Caffe Crema. Made from a 100% Arabica blend sourced from the finest beans in Brazil and Central America, this espresso offers a thick golden crema and a rich, enveloping flavor. Perfect for any time of the day, these capsules ensure a delightful coffee experience with every brew.

Key Features:
  • Smooth Flavor: Enjoy a sweet, aromatic espresso with notes of biscuits and jasmine.
  • 100% Arabica: Crafted from premium Arabica beans for a superior coffee experience.
  • Thick Crema: The innovative brewing system produces a luscious, golden crema.
  • Consistent Quality: Lavazza's expertise guarantees exceptional taste and aroma in every capsule.

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