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Lavazza LB 2600 Magystra

  • Description: Lavazza LB2600 Magystra is the new Lavazza Blue one touch machine ideal for small to medium offices, clinics, workshops, exhibition stands & kiosks with daily output of 40 – 50 cups.
AED 5,995

Elevate your office coffee experience with the Lavazza LB 2600 Magystra.

Designed for medium-sized offices, clinics, workshops, exhibition stands, and kiosks, this sleek and compact machine delivers barista-quality beverages effortlessly.

Key Features:
  • High Capacity: Perfect for brewing 40-50 cups per day with a 3.5-liter water tank.
  • Lavazza Blue Capsules: Compatible with single and double Lavazza Blue capsules for a variety of rich flavors.
  • Versatile Beverage Options: Choose from 8 different drinks, dispensable in 6, 8, or 10 oz sizes.
  • Built-in Milk Frother: Automatically warms up and froths milk for creamy cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Quiet and Reliable: Operates quietly and is built to last.
  • User-friendly Interface: Simple control panel for an enjoyable coffee-making experience.
  • Quick Cleaning: Easy and quick to clean.
  • Durable Build: Made from ABS and metal materials for long-lasting use.
  • Powerful Performance: Operates on 10 AMP power.
Why Choose Lavazza LB 2600 Magystra?

Transform your office into a coffee haven with the Lavazza LB 2600 Magystra. Impress your team and clients with café-quality drinks anytime. This machine combines functionality, versatility, and durability, making it the perfect addition to any professional setting.

Make every coffee break a delightful experience with the Lavazza LB 2600 Magystra. 

Download Lavazza LB 2600 Magystra Manual

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