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Lavazza LB 4300 2 Group Espresso Machine

  • Description: LB4200 is the new Lavazza Blue group machine with great performance in small spaces. Ideal for all professional businesses with a daily output of 50 – 60 cups.
AED 14,785

The Lavazza LB 4300 2 Group Espresso Machine is designed to deliver exceptional coffee experiences in high-demand environments.

Perfect for hotels, restaurants, and cafés, this machine combines Lavazza's renowned coffee expertise with advanced technology to ensure consistent, high-quality espresso.

Its robust construction and user-friendly features make it a reliable choice for busy commercial settings.

  • High Performance: Designed to handle large volumes, making it ideal for busy establishments.
  • Dual Group Heads: Brew multiple espresso shots simultaneously, enhancing efficiency.
  • Semi-Automatic Brewing Units: Two semi-automatic brewing units for manual capsule insertion with automatic ejection of exhausted capsules.
  • Dedicated Thermo Blocks: One dedicated thermo block for each brewing group ensures optimal brewing conditions.
  • Dedicated Boiler: One dedicated boiler for water and steam, providing consistent temperature control.
  • Hot Water Dispenser: Convenient hot water dispenser for tea and other hot beverages.
  • Steam Wand: High-performance steam wand for frothing milk.
  • Pre-Programmed Settings: Two keyboards with 7 different predesign settings for customized brewing.
  • Adjustable Cup Rack Heights: Accommodates different cup sizes with adjustable cup rack heights.
  • Energy Saving Mode: Energy saving mode to reduce power consumption during idle periods.
  • Cup Holder Surface: Convenient cup holder surface on the upper side of the machine.
  • Drawer for Used Capsules: Drawer for used water and 15 exhausted capsules per group.

Elevate your coffee service with the Lavazza LB 4300 2 Group Espresso Machine. Deliver exceptional coffee experiences and impress your customers with every cup.

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