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NECTA Kalea Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Description: Ideal for day to day coffee service in hotels, busy restaurants, coffee shops for breakfast coffee and refreshment areas for business and education especially with daily hourly output of 80 – 100 cups.
AED 30,645

NECTA Kalea Automatic Espresso Machine

Good looks team up with functionality

Necta Kalea is the ultimate way of offering quality coffee. Get used to being able to offer a delicious menu of coffee drinks, all of them perfectly made, from the authentic Italian espresso to frothy cappuccino and latte macchiato, just to name a few. Kalea, from Necta: it's Italian quality coffee at your fingertips.

A unique solution for all needs

A compact machine delivering Espresso + Fresh Brew + Fresh Milk, espresso coffee and flat black coffee from the same Z4000 brewer, high-performance brewer, regulation of blades and a gear pump for milk.


An appealing user interface enhancing the consumer experience and an entirely customizable 7" touch screen.
Quick settings and easy diagnosis for the professionals.

Maintenance and easiness

Easier access to the components and faster change of the parts, modular design of the internal of the machine and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Capacitive 7" touch screen
  • Up to 10 selections per screenshot
  • Brewer: Espresso Z4000 with variable chamber (from 7 to 15 gr capacity)
  • Number of Canisters: 3
Boiler Capacity
.8 L
Height (mm) 783 (with beans hoppers)
Width (mm) 368
Depth (mm) 600
Depth Open (mm) 600
Weight (kg) 47
Power 3000w
Voltage 220/240 V AC 50/60 Hz

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