Lavazza LB 2600 The Perfect Office Coffee Machine
AED 5,720
Perfection is in the details   Meet the latest Lavazza invention in the espresso world, and your soon-to-be new coffee maker in the office! The Lavazza LB2600 coffee machine caters...
Lavazza Blue The’ Al Limone
Box of 50 capsules
AED 130
These capsules are only compatible with Classy Mini, Classy Custom Milk, LB 2600, Minivending, LB 2317 and LB4200 machines. Enquire with us now to learn more. A hot cup of...
Firma Qualita Oro Firma Capsule
Box of 48 capsules
AED 115
Qualità Oro is an expression of Lavazza's passion for blending diverse and exceptional coffee. A sweet and aromatic coffee with a strong and fragrant aroma. The perfect symphony for a...
Cafe Ginseng Firma capsule with free 1 Box Bevanda Bianca capsules
Box of 24 capsules
AED 60
Sweet and Creamy: Unique and unmistakable taste rounded by the golden cream, enriched by the beneficial properties of ginseng.
Bevanda Bianca Firma capsule
Box of 24 capsules
AED 60
These capsules are only compatible with the Inovy Mini, Inovy Compact, Inovy Milk machine. Enquire with us now to learn more. A delicious milk flavoured drink, both delicate and satisfying....
Lavazza Capsule Holder
AED 120
LAVAZZA Capsule Holder The Capsule Holder has been designed to be suitable for the capsules. No more messy drawers or countertops. This countertop capsule holder makes an excellent choice for home...
LAVAZZA Blue Classy Custom Milk
AED 1,500
LAVAZZA Blue Classy Custom Milk LB1050 Italian design, intuitive touch and fresh milk: these make Classy Custom Milk the best machine for your home or office. Every day and in every moment,...
Saeco Milk Cooler (1 Litre)
AED 826
Saeco Milk Cooler (1 Litre) Type: Milk Cooler Power Supply: 220-240 Volts Capacity: 1.0 Litre Color: Silver
LAVAZZA LB 4300 2 Group
AED 14,785
LAVAZZA LB 4300 Modern and refined design, in line with other Lavazza Blue machines. The front in stainless steel and the side panels in ABS make the LB 4300 resistant...
LAVAZZA Blue LB 2317-The Perfect VIP Coffee Corner
AED 9,145
LAVAZZA Blue LB 2317-The Perfect VIP Coffee Corner This coffee machine is compatible with our Blue Capsules range. Enquire with us now to learn more.   Manufactured by Saeco, LB 2317...
Milk Cooler, FG10i HiTop
AED 2,500
Milk Cooler, FG12i Hi Top FG10 DGT series are equipped with a digital thermostat, which, combined with the stainless steel sensor, allows to get an exact milk temperature control. The capacitive milk...
Milk Cooler, FG12i Hi Top
AED 4,935
Milk Cooler, FG12i Hi Top The FG12i is a milk cooler equipped with a mechanical thermostat to cool up to 7 liters of milk.  Code: 07754SPT Width : 19.5cm Height :...
LAVAZZA LB 4724 2 group espresso machine
AED 19,775
LAVAZZA LB 4724 2 group espresso machine The LB4724 offers the theatre of a barista machine without the need to be barista trained with the help of Lavazza Blue capsules...
LAVAZZA Blue LB 2317
AED 6,195
LAVAZZA Blue LB 2317 with Fridge A touch makes a difference Elegant, professional, technological, versatile and powerful. Lavazza LB2317 is designed to offer an intense 360° experience, thanks to its...
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