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LAVAZZA Blue LB 2317 Capsules Machine with Fridge

  • Description: Lavazza’s latest innovation. Designed to intensify the experience in every single detail: elegant, professional, technologic, versatile and per formant. Ideal for offices, restaurants, breakfast area, meeting conference & kiosk.

LAVAZZA Blue LB 2317 with Fridge

A touch makes a difference

Elegant, professional, technological, versatile and powerful. Lavazza LB2317 is designed to offer an intense 360° experience, thanks to its ease of use, silent mode and excellent combination of tastes and flavours. Enjoy this authentic coffee experience with colleagues and clients alike. It comes with a 4 L milk fridge to allow you to 9 different kinds of coffee drinks.

Intensify your coffee experience

LB 2317 is designed to intensify every single detail of your coffee experience. Enjoy all the Lavazza Blue Capsule solutions: taste aromatic, balanced or intense espressos and delicious hot drinks. 

Code: 010045CPCMCHKT

  • Cups per day: 50
  • Fast and delicious
  • Easy and smart interactive panel.
  • One touch screen selection.
Cups per day 50
Fridge Capacity 4 L
Height (mm) 480
Width (mm) 280
Depth (mm) 380
Weight (kg) 8
Power 2 x 1600w
Voltage 220-240 V AC 50/60 Hz

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