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Lavazza Blue Espresso Ricco capsules

  • Quantity: Box of 100 capsules
AED 240

LAVAZZA Espresso Ricco

These capsules are only compatible with Classy Mini, Classy Custom Milk, LB 2600, Minivending, LB 2317 and LB4200 machines. Enquire with us now to learn more.


Strong but mellow

Lavazza Espresso Ricco
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Strong but mellow

That’s Espresso Ricco Lavazza Blue

A blend of top-quality Brazilian Arabica and Asian Robusta coffees. A creamy and full-bodied blend with a liquory, chocolaty flavour. The special roasting process and innovative brewing system yields a dense, rich espresso with chocolaty notes, a persistent aftertaste and an excellent body. More... »

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