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Necta Maestro Touch Automatic Espresso Machine

AED 44,999

Necta Maestro Touch Automatic Espresso Machine

Necta strikes again with Maestro Touch

Elegant, with external profiles in black anodized aluminum, black door and dark gray cabinet and a frameless, all-glass touch-screen: this is Maestro Touch, new high-end vending model for the hot drinks market.

Maestro Touch focuses on cutting-edge performances and on the ability for consumers to customize their drinks and to consult nutritional information to identify the most suitable product for their needs.

The electronics have been completely renewed, with a latest generation microprocessor and advanced software that leads to easier machine management and programming, and to a high level of personalization of the graphic interface.

All the technical and aesthetic innovations lead to an exciting User Experience: Maestro Touch brings your break to a higher level.

  • 2 Boilers with cup sensor
  • Dual cup device
  • Optional: Cashless payments with key and card
  • Double espresso
  • Attractive 24" full HD touch screen
  • Cups per day: 650+440
Cups per day 650+440
Height (mm) 1830
Width (mm) 650
Depth (mm) 760
Weight (kg) 170
Power 2500W
Voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz