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NECTA Kometa + 2 Solubles - ES + 2 IN (Beans)

  • Description: Ideal for self-service locations such as offices, showrooms, clinics, workshops and factories with daily output of 50 – 100 cups per day.

NECTA Kometa + 2 Soluble ES + 2 IN (Beans)

A rare blend of quality and design in a compact footprint

Soft and elegant lines that catch the eye, a 7-inch touchscreen interface designed to offer an exceptional user experience; attention to every detail to combine aesthetics and functionality: meet Kometa, the new fully-automatic coffee machine from Necta that’s been created to stand out in even the most refined locations which - with its exceptional handling and practicality of use - is capable of making its mark in any environment.

Customised pleasure

The high level of customisation incumbent in Kometa facilitates a comprehensive menu and allows operators to create excellent drinks, based on the individual preferences of consumers. Furthermore, the dispensing area can easily host large glasses of up to 20 oz. Kometa also features a movable cup holder, which is easy to remove and clean and allows you to adjust the height to obtain the best possible in-cup quality.

Intelligent and eco-friendly fully-automatic machine

Thanks to its user-friendly energy saving function, Kometa automatically enters into “eco mode”, so not only can you set the coffee boiler temperature, but you can also enable or disable the LEDS to set the brightness level of the display. In this way, both energy consumption and operating costs are significantly reduced.

Total connectivity

Thanks to its embedded Wi-Fi connectivity - a 4G module is available as an option - Kometa is compatible with both the Coffeed and Amiclo telemetry services. Through the MDB protocol, the machine perfectly embeds the latest generation payment systems, such as credit cards readers. Kometa offers consumers two free mobile apps for selection and payment, both of which are available on iOS and Android platforms: Coffee APPeal and Breasy.

Visible coffee beans.


  • 80 cups per hour
  • 1 Boiler
  • Data retrieval & programming
  • Espresso brewer Z24000
  • MDB protocol
  • Single espresso
  • High energy efficiency
  • One dispensing point
  • 7" Touch screen selections
Height (mm) 629
Width (mm) 308
Depth (mm) 570
Depth Open (mm)
Weight (kg) 29
Power 1900w
Voltage 230/240 V AC 50/60 Hz

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