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Cold brew Burj Khalifa Tower Design

AED 1,577

TIAMO Cold brew Dubai Burj Khalifa Tower Design 10 cups White

PREMIUM and INNOVATIVE drip cold brew system ensures the richest acidic free full-bodied cold brew preferred by most over immersion style brewers

LARGE CAPACITY BREWING perfect for Cafes restaurants and bars without sacrificing premium results Our cold brew drip technology delivers the best cold brew in 3-4 hours compared to 16-24 hours with immersion style brewing

BETTER TASTE Ice water reservoir paired with slow drip system ensures you are extracting the full profile from you coffee grounds more effectively than traditional brewing methods

GO-TO BREWING METHOD FOR CAFES around the world delivering in the highest quality cold brew that your customers friends and family will love

PREMIUM hand crafted hand blown Borosilicate Glass which is non-porous and does not absorb odors or chemicals ensuring each brew is as fresh and pure as intended WOODEN TOWER is made from 100% real wood with a beautiful mid-century style perfect for any home cafe or business

CODE: HG6335