Coffee Accessories

Lavazza Branded Coffee Machine Stand
AED 2,100.00
MDF construction with high gloss black and metallic silver paint finish for exterior.Stand designed to hold your coffee machine while store neatly the coffee capsules in the drawer underneath.Includesone drawer...
Lavazza Mini Vending Stand
AED 1,200.00
Lavazza Branded Mini Vending Stand Dimensions: Width: 48cm Height: 85cm Depth: 46.5cm
Lavazza Capsule Holder
AED 120.00
The elegant Lavazza capsule holder means you always have everything you need on hand and in perfect order. Related Items: Classy Mini with Free 25 capsules AED 650.00 Lavazza Classy...
Lavazza Sugar Holder Big
AED 37.00
The big sugar holder out of the Blue Collection from Lavaza is kept plain white with the blue Lavazza inscription. Specifications: Length: 20cm Depth: 9.8cm Height: 5.4cm Material: plastic Colour:...
Cafelat Jug
AED 135.00
Lavazza Blue Ribbon Collection Stainless Steel Size: 0.6 liters
EuroCoffee Tamper
AED 158.00
58 ml tamper. Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion and is a heavier metal.
Knock Out Drawers
AED 525.00
Counter Top & Under Counter Knock Out DrawerHigh grade polished stainless steel knock out drawers for the used coffee grounds, designed for the coffee grinder to stand on.
Dualit Barista Kit
AED 158.00
Jug, thermometer and shaker
On Balance Professional Pocket Scale
AED 158.00
Designed with the most fashionable covers, pocket scale meets your need and expectation of weighing mini scale, yet unique, sleek and modern appearance.
Lavazza E-spoon (12 pcs)
Set of 12 pieces
AED 50.00
Davide Oldani created the e-spoon, a spoon with a hole in the middle for mixing coffee without damaging its perfect froth.
Lavazza Paper Cups 7oz
Box of 1000 pieces
AED 93.00
Lavazza paper cups - 7oz
Lavazza Espresso Glasses
Box of 6 glasses
AED 63.00
Lavazza branded glasses ideal for espresso
Lavazza Cappuccino Cups
Box of 6 cups
AED 158.00
Lavazza Blue Ribbon Collection
Lavazza Latte Glasses (Box of 6 pcs)
Box of 6 glasses
AED 84.00
Lavazza branded glasses for latte and all kinds of coffee drinks. 1 Box of Lavazza Branded Latte Glass (6 glasses)
Lavazza Espresso Cups
Box of 6 cups
AED 126.00
Lavazza Blue Ribbon Collection
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