Lavazza LB 4200 Professional Coffee Machine
AED 7,500.00 AED 9,999.00
Lavazza LB 4200 Professional Coffee Machine 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty LB4200 is the new Lavazza Blue group machine with great performance in small spaces. Ideal for all professional businesses with a...
Lavazza Polaris EVD2 PRH Auto Steamer
AED 28,999.00
Lavazza Polaris EVD2 PRH Auto Steamer 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty a coffee machine with character, with heart, and able to give personality to any location. In addition to the new...
Wega Polaris EVD 2 Black Commercial Start Up Kit
AED 28,400.00
Wega Polaris EVD 2 Black 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Ingredients Used: Lavazza Beans Features: 4 programmable doses per group Automatic group washing cycle Two stainless steel steam wands with slide lever...
Wega MyConcept 3 Group
AED 37,500.00
Wega MyConcept 3 Group 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty *Terms and Conditions apply My Concept is the latest generation of the WEGA concept line ideal for restaurants, coffee shops & hotels...
Wega Grinder 6.4
AED 6,500.00
INNOVATION INTERSECTS TRADITION This model covers the medium-high market segment. It offers excellent performance and productivity, coupled with competitive pricing. It features stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment, together with a built-in...
Lavazza Wega Lavazza IO Gold
AED 17,500.00
Lavazza Wega IO Gold 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty *Terms and Conditions apply The lavazza IO will make a stunning addition to any bar, restaurant or coffee shop. Ingredients Used: Lavazza Coffee...
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